Caliber Claims business model is vastly different than other Independent Adjusting Firms. Caliber Claims business model is transparent - 'The only way to judge our success is to look at the success of the people around us.'


If the Insurance Companies and Agents we work with are growing and building their reputation, we feel that we are a piece of that puzzle.  Our priority is maintaining the highest quality of adjustment with rapid settlement; because that is what we can control, and in turn will help our business partners grow their businesses.


We hold our adjusting team directly responsible for our company's product.  The way we do this is through compensation that limit's our adjusters from having to sacrifice quality in exchange for volume.  Every independent adjusting firm faces the challenge of handling the constantly changing volume of claims while balancing adjusters workloads and compensation.  We strive to provide our adjusters with three things, the highest level of training, the most efficient working environment, and justified compensation; eliminating the pressure put on constant volume and reduced quality.


Our marketing strategy is transparent as well; One Claim.  One Claim is our way of saying, give us one claim and see how we do. We are confident that if you give us one claim, we'll take care of it and see another from your company or agency!


Thank you for taking the time to visit our site, and we look forward to working with you!





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